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 Blanco is made on an iPad Pro with an apple pencil in Procreate. Here are links to some of my favorite compatible apps and resources that I use during production.

A drawing and painting app that I use for creating a majority of the comic, as well as all of my recreational digital drawing and painting. The entirety of the art in chapters 1-4 of Blanco were done in this app, and the tools I use the most are the app’s default technical pencil, Narinder pencil, flat marker, gouache brush, and charcoal block brush.

Procreate Pocket
The simplified, mobile version of Procreate’s full app. I use this to sketch, thumbnail, and color script on my phone or mobile device when I’m on the go.

A figure model app that is one of my favorites for creating quick reference images. It allows you to pose and light a basic anatomical model. It’s available for both tablets and mobile devices.

Watercolor Textures
A pack of thirty-seven watercolor textures that I painted specifically for my digital comic and illustration work to offer more of an organic, traditional feel. I’ve supplied them here, so you can use them too, and there’s also a free tutorial to show you how I personally use them available in my gumroad shop linked above!

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