Do you want to support my work and Blanco? Well, thank you! I’ve made sure to put together a few super cool options for you!

Want to support me monthly or donate on a subscription basis?
Check out my Patreon! I maintain it as a sketch blog, often posting my thought process for comic pages, sketchbook progress images, process videos, and more! You can also get access to early Blanco updates and process posts, golly gee!

Want to make a one-time donation without the monthly subscription?
I have a ko-fi account, which is powered through paypal, as well as a donation wallpaper on gumroad!

Want to support, but would like some rad stuff in return?
You can check out my print on demand Threadless shop for physical products like prints and t-shirts, and my Gumroad shop with pay what you want PDFs, watercolor textures,  wallpapers, and other digital goodies! Every once in a while I sneak some original paintings on there to send off to new homes, too!

I don’t have a buck to spare…
And that’s okay! Sharing is caring, and also a valuable means of support. If you see me posting Blanco somewhere, like on my Twitter, simply retweeting or telling your friends about it to get the word out is a huge and valuable help!

Blanco is made entirely by me in my off time, and while it would be made regardless, will always be ad-free, and free to read, your support means I don’t have to stress about prioritizing making it, allows me to keep updates and production consistent and worry free, as well as enables me to be more explorative in my other creative endeavors. It means a tremendous amount to me, and I thank you so much for lending a hand to help make it happen!